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Rowland Penny repenny241155 at
Fri Apr 8 18:06:57 UTC 2016

On 08/04/16 18:52, Thomas Schulz wrote:
> In the thread titled
> '[PATCH] samba-tool throws error if there is an empty FSMO role'
> Rowland asked:
>> Also would this be a good time to start discussing dropping support for
>> '2000', Microsoft dropped support for it nearly 6yrs ago, you have to
>> actively select the 2000 function level at provision and who is likely
>> to do that ?
> We have a domain with a Windows 2000 Server system as the domain controller.
> Awhile back I tried to set up Samba 4.1.something as an additional
> domain controller to provide some redundancy if the Windows 2000 machine
> went down. I was not sucessfull as replication did not work from the
> Samba DC back to the Windows DC. After working on it for awhile I gave
> up on it. Is there some special 2000 function level that I could have
> selected that would have made things work?
> I know that it is a very bad thing to rely on Windows 2000 Serever on a
> 15 year old computer, but for several reasons we can not update it.
> We reciently went out and bought a full set of spare parts for the
> machine so that we can fix any failures.
> Tom Schulz
> Applied Dynamics Intl.
> schulz at

What I meant was, and said so in a roundabout way, should we drop 
support for 'provisioning' a *new* domain as function level '2000'. 
Obviously there will be cases of people wanting to join a Samba AD 
machine to a 2000 server and this should be supported as a way for users 
to upgrade to an higher function level.

  It sounds like I need to re-visit the code and make it (if 
possible) 2000 aware (i.e. no DNS roles)


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