smbclient error when ls against win10 share

Thomas Dvorachek tdvorachek at
Tue Apr 5 10:12:27 UTC 2016

Yep - zip of two pcapng files attached.  

Trace shows what i saw when i added a bunch of debug outputs to source: in "find_first2 data" smb response, whenever the "Reserved" value immediately after "Short file name len" is not zero, smbclient pops the cli_list error 260 (we're hitting the "Bad short name length" test of slen greater than 24 in source.)

In traces: both doing `ls` from "Windows" directory; one error trace due to "addins" directory entry having "1f" in Reserved field, one error trace due to "Boot" directory entry having "12" in Reserved field.

Could be my win10 device is responding with bad packet structure, or something might be misaligned in smbclient processing the response packet fields.
BTW: no errors when i use a windows device to `net use x: \\IP-addr\c$`, `x:`, `cd Windows`, `dir` ... cmd.exe outputs listing ok.

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On Mon, Apr 04, 2016 at 10:47:53AM +0000, Thomas Dvorachek wrote:
> Folks, good morning.I have a win10 share and consistently get error when ls with smbclient:cli_list: Error: unable to parse name from info level 260This seems to eliminate error but honestly not certain if correct thing to do:[tj at cent1 ~]$ diff clilist-orig.c clilist-fixed.c 
> 189c189,190
> <             slen = SVAL(p, 0);
> ---
> >             //slen = SVAL(p, 0);
> >             slen = PVAL(p, 0);
> [tj at cent1 ~]$ 
> Strange because i have two other win10 shares and do not get error ... also no error when ls against windows server 2008 etc shares.Not clear how many bits slen should be, but appears to be 8-bit value?
> Thx,tj

Can you post a wireshark trace please.

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