smbclient error when ls against win10 share

Thomas Dvorachek tdvorachek at
Mon Apr 4 10:47:53 UTC 2016

Folks, good morning.I have a win10 share and consistently get error when ls with smbclient:cli_list: Error: unable to parse name from info level 260This seems to eliminate error but honestly not certain if correct thing to do:[tj at cent1 ~]$ diff clilist-orig.c clilist-fixed.c 
<             slen = SVAL(p, 0);
>             //slen = SVAL(p, 0);
>             slen = PVAL(p, 0);
[tj at cent1 ~]$ 
Strange because i have two other win10 shares and do not get error ... also no error when ls against windows server 2008 etc shares.Not clear how many bits slen should be, but appears to be 8-bit value?

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