Really interesting software engineering page.

Matthieu Patou mat at
Wed Sep 30 21:30:19 UTC 2015

On 09/30/2015 02:12 PM, Jeremy Allison wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 30, 2015 at 01:49:10PM -0700, Matthieu Patou wrote:
>> On 09/25/2015 10:53 PM, Jeremy Allison wrote:
>>> How the Chrome browser gets built:
>>> Lots of lessons for Samba here I think !
>>> Jeremy.
>> I would love that you spell them out.
> Well mostly the unit testing part.
> We're getting much better here, but
> more automated testing is the key.
I do agree, but in order to be really a big win is fast execution of 
make test.
I'm still jealous of the other project where Kai is member (forgot the 
name, ...) where make test takes one minute for a ton of tests.
> Compared to where we are 5 years ago
> we're doing really well, and I wanted
> to show we're on the right track.
I really do think so, I think it's important to highlight it we are not 
doing so bad really.
> I thought the 'no branches' experiment
> was interesting, but I'm not convinced
> for Samba.
My understanding is that they do not have 'feature branch' basically 
which we don't have, they have maintenance branches but obviously they 
are much more short lived due to the nature of the product.


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