Running samba and smbd processes together

Marc Muehlfeld mmuehlfeld at
Mon Sep 21 06:06:42 UTC 2015

Hello Anoop,

Am 21.09.2015 um 07:12 schrieb Anoop Singh:
> I also want to use samba for file sharing along with working
> as domain controller. For this I need to run "smbd".
> In my Ubuntu machine if I run "samba", "smbd" does not run.
> If I run "smbd" manually, it doesn't start and I get log as
> " You should start samba instead, it will control starting
> smbd if required".

'samba' start 'smbd' processes automatically as child-processes. See
output of 'ps'.

If you want to configure additional shares on your DC, just follow

> I read that when samba is running as Domain Controller it is
> not recommended to use as file server. Could anybody please
> let me know what is the reason?



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