Query regarding samba working as domain controller

Anoop Singh anoop.singh at celstream.com
Wed Sep 9 14:52:53 UTC 2015

Hi Learned Members,

I have a two small queries regarding samba working as domain controller.

1.       Do we need to assign static ip in /etc/network/interfaces to configure samba as domain controller? Can't it be dhcp acquired IP? Can we assign 127.0.01 and still it work?

2.       When samba is configured as domain controller, we run samba instead of smbd. In this case can we achieve samba file share along with domain controller configuration as file share needs smbd to run?

When I connect samba to windows active directory, I can achieve samba file share also as in this case smbd runs and not samba.

Please provide me the clarification.

Thanks & regards,

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