PIDL: Problem generating strings without charset parameter

Javier Amor Garcia jamor at
Tue Sep 8 11:19:39 UTC 2015


I am using the PIDL generator and I have the problem is that if I remove 
the 'charset' parameter for a string. the generated code is always a 
uint8* types and I want instead to get a 'const char*'.

This  would be clearer with a example.

I have the following IDL declaration for a struct member:
    [in,string,charset(DOS)]  uint8   *pUserDN,
this translates to:
     const char *pUserDN;/* [charset(DOS),ref] */

After removing the "charset(DOS) parameter I have:
       [in,string]  uint8   *pUserDN,
and I get:
      uint8_t *pUserDN;/* [ref] */

Since I want a char* to avoid compilation problem with the rest of my 
code, I change the type from 'uint8' to 'char':
      [in,string] char   *pUserDN,
however I get exactly the same output:
      uint8_t *pUserDN;/* [ref] */

I have the feeling this is a bug. I am right?.
There is some way I can get a 'char*' type AND avoid the charset check?.
Extra bonus if there is way to get a 'const char*'


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