Samba4 on OpenBSD: a report (tags: waf, s3fs, ntvfs)

Jérémie Courrèges-Anglas jca at
Tue Sep 1 16:54:39 UTC 2015

Jeremy Allison <jra at> writes:


> As always, patches to make us work better on OpenBSD would be
> very welcome.

Thanks for confirming. :)

>> There is another particular point that matters for OpenBSD support: s3fs
>> vs. ntvfs.  I have lightly tested a Samba AD DC setup, which required
>> the use of ntvfs instead of s3fs (the default).  s3fs failed because ACL
>> support is required, alas "POSIX" ACLs aren't available on OpenBSD (and
>> there is no plan to change that).  Thus I'd like to inquire what are the
>> plans regarding ntvfs and s3fs.  Maybe s3fs could be made to work
>> without requiring ACLs?
> Unfortunately that can't be done. AD-DC *requires* ACL support
> on the filesystem. You could run it in a configuration that
> allows Windows ACLs to be stored in extended attributes

We don't support those anymore.

> (or a tdb database)

That's what I had in mind, I could have worded it better.

> but then it wouldn't be safe to allow local
> users access to the files.

I'm not sure that would be a big problem. :)

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