Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at
Mon Nov 30 22:59:25 UTC 2015

Hi folks,

my copy of [MS-SMB].pdf contains these words WRT DFS referrals:

----------------------------------------------- Application Requests DFS Referral Information

The client MUST search for an existing Session and TreeConnect to any
share on the server identified by ServerName for the user identified
by UserCredentials. If no Session and TreeConnect are found, the
client MUST establish a new Session and TreeConnect to IPC$ on the
target server as described in section using the supplied
ServerName and UserCredentials.

However, Windows clients seem not to do that and always seem to use
IPC$ for DFS referrals even when they have connections open on the
target server.

Has anyone seen any cases where Windows clients use shares other than IPC$?

Richard Sharpe

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