[PATCH 01/12] Ext4: Fix extended timestamp encoding and decoding

Theodore Ts'o tytso at mit.edu
Sun Nov 29 02:45:55 UTC 2015

On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 09:10:53PM +0100, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> On Tuesday 24 November 2015 14:36:46 Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> > This is the patch I would prefer to use (and in fact which I have
> > added to the ext4 tree):
> > 
> > There are issues with 32-bit vs 64-bit encoding of times before
> > January 1, 1970, which are handled with this patch which is not
> > handled with what you have in your patch series.  So I'd prefer if you
> > drop this patch, and I'll get this sent to Linus as a bug fix for 4.4.
> I'm happy with either one. Apparently both Davids have arrived with
> almost the same algorithm and implementation, with the exception of
> the pre-1970 handling you mention there.

I was doing some testing on x86, which leads me to ask --- what's the
current thinking about post y2038 on 32-bit platforms such as x86?  I
see that there was some talk about using struct timespec64, but we
haven't made the transition in the VFS interfaces yet, despite a
comment in an LWN article from 2014 stating that "the first steps have
been taken; hopefully the rest will follow before too long".


					- Ted

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