Questions about smbd option "strict rename"

Jeremy Allison jra at
Tue Nov 24 18:01:11 UTC 2015

On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 06:50:47PM +0100, Ralph Boehme wrote:
> updated patchset with my reviewed-by attached. Feel free to push.


> Jeremy, how to proceed wrt that attaching POSIX rename behaviour to
> POSIX pathnames is wrong imo. We need a seperate flag for this.

I don't think it is wrong. We have behaved that way
for a *very* long time and in the same way we
attach POSIX delete behavior to POSIX pathnames
too. Changing that will break UNIX extensions.

Now you might want an additional flag in order to
get POSIX-rename (and maybe POSIX-delete) behavior
for MacOSX clients that don't currently negotiate
UNIX extensions, but that's different from changing
the current smbd behavior.

UNIX extensions were never defined very well, but
trust me - selecting POSIX pathnames is *expected*
to turn on POSIX delete and rename behavior too.


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