[Samba] Increasing database size limit

Jakub Hrozek jakub.hrozek at posteo.se
Thu Nov 19 13:10:18 UTC 2015

On Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 10:17:24AM +0100, mathias dufresne wrote:
> In parallel Oliver Liebel tells around 2 months ago he'll be able to find
> funds to develop LMDB backend (in some mail with title "s4 ldb tdb limits")
> which could solve the DB size limitation. And the company I'm working for
> is still discussing internally (without me :p) about investing for same
> development (and others).

I finished the port of the ldb_cache module (I'll push it to github when
I finish more tests for this area..), so the last part missing from the
mdb ldb back end is indexing and of course even more tests..

For indexing I'm still not sure if I should just reuse exactly what the
tdb backend does, maybe yes for the prototype so I can get more testing
from others and play with other ideas later...

I would like to have a testable version by the end of this month,
barring any urgent work at $dayjob.

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