ctdb/wscript: Avoid installing pre-built man pages which does not exist during make

Anoop C S anoopcs at redhat.com
Mon Nov 9 12:43:54 UTC 2015


When samba is compiled from source with-cluster-support, make fails
with the following warning in the absence of xsltproc:

input file 'doc/ctdb.1' could not be found ('/root/samba/ctdb')

This is because in ctdb/wscript we try to install pre-built ctdb man
pages which does not exist under ctdb/doc if XSLTPROC_MANPAGES is not
set during configure as follows:

if 'XSLTPROC_MANPAGES' in bld.env and bld.env['XSLTPROC_MANPAGES']:
    bld.MANPAGES('''onnode.1 ctdbd_wrapper.1 ctdbd.conf.5
                 ctdb.7 ctdb-statistics.7 ctdb-tunables.7''',
    for m in manpages:                                     
                         source=os.path.join("doc", m),
                         rule='sed %s ${SRC} > ${TGT}' % (sed_cmdline))
        bld.INSTALL_FILES('${MANDIR}/man%s' % m[-1], m)

On a fedora 23 machine docbook-style-xsl provides the necessary style
sheets to convert xml docs to required formats.

Attached is a patch which reverts the commit 3ddd3514 which introduced
this else part in ctdb/wscript. Many thanks to Michael who helped me in
finding the root cause.

Thanks & Regards,
--Anoop C S.

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