Forwarding DNS requests for realm to forward server

Adda Rathbone addarathbone at
Thu May 14 16:10:10 MDT 2015

Hello everyone,
I hope this is the right list to post this. During the last months I played
with Samba4 as Active Directory Domain Controller in my home network
and linux machines), to create a single password environment. During testing
however I realized, that I could not integrate samba as planed.

- (re-)use dhcp and dns of my router (domain:
- use samba to authenticate logon on most (but not all) machines using the

After changing the dhcp server on my router to use the samba server as DNS I
was not able to ping the linux machines that had not joined the AD. The
server was configured to forward dns requests to the router.
Of course the internal DNS of the router could resolve the requests (tested
host command).

$ ping
ping: unknown host ...

$ ping
64 bytes from ...

$ host samba
Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

$ host router
linux01 has address

It would be nice if the samba server could be configured to forward dns
requests (of its domain) that could not be resolved (NXDOMAIN) by the
server to the forward dns server.

This would allow for an easy setup of samba as AD DC in small businesses or
home networks, without changing too much of the existing infrastructure.
Only the dhcp server settings needs to be adjusted to use the samba server
DNS server.

I would like to hear feedback if this change is sensible.

Thank you for your time

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