[PATCH] msSFU30MaxUidNumber-when-creating-NIS-user

Rowland Penny repenny241155 at gmail.com
Tue May 19 07:07:33 MDT 2015

This patch makes 'samba-tool user create' work like ADUC when creating a 
NIS user, it will use the next uidNumber found in the 
'msSFU30MaxUidNumber' attribute, if this exists and is populated. If 
there is no 'msSFU30MaxUidNumber' attribute, then AD is checked for any 
'uidNumber' attributes and if any are found, the users 'uidNumber' 
attribute is set to the highest found + 1. If neither a 
'msSFU30MaxUidNumber' or 'uidNumber' attribute is found, then the users 
'uidNumber' is set to 10000 (as used by ADUC). Once the first user is 
created, 'msSFU30MaxUidNumber' is set accordingly.


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