Meaning of NULL share names in registry?

Michael Adam obnox at
Wed May 6 23:17:28 MDT 2015

pushed to autobuild
(since I have not found the time to investigate the
 crashes more thoroughly for a week now... :)

Cheers - Michael

On 2015-04-27 at 16:37 +0200, Volker Lendecke wrote:
> Hi, Michael!
> With bcaac7fa3632 we got a feature that we can have NULL
> share names. By virtue of this we can easily crash testparm
> and the srvsvc_NetShareEnum server side when such a
> registry is around. Just do a
> net conf setparm "" available no
> testparm
> to reproduce this.
> What is the meaning of NULL share names in the registry? I'd
> vote to ignore them at least during listing. Alternatively,
> we should do what we do for the smb.conf file, namely add
> the direct values in hklm\software\smbconf to [global]. But
> then we have to decide which comes first: The explicit
> [global] key or the smbconf key's values?
> Attached find a patch that ignores NULL share names during
> enumeration. Maybe the other parts of bcaac7f could go as
> well when this is accepted?
> Thanks for comments!
> Volker
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