Release early, Release often

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Tue May 5 08:22:50 MDT 2015

Hi Andrew,

> Since the long-delayed release of Samba 4.2, I have been thinking about 
> our release process, and I would like to suggest a 4-6 month release cycle.
> We agreed back in 2010 (just after 3.5) to move to 9 month release
> cycles. However, I think that '9' month release cycles are hurt us more
> than they have helped.  Since 2010 our last release cycles have lasted
> 17, 16, 10 and 15 months!
> Moving to a 4-6 month release cycle means that we would stop holding up
> releases for features that 'can't wait for the next release', because it
> will be along soon enough.  

I think 6 month would be ok, but 4 month would be to short.


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