Mac OS X with version 10.9.5 copying files from server with SMB1 fails

clay lin clay3631 at
Fri Mar 27 04:14:28 MDT 2015

Hi List,
The client OS is Mac OS X 10.9.5, the server OS is Ubuntu with kernel 3.4.6, which been installed samba version 3.6.18 and the max protocol is setting to SMB1 (NT1).
Trying to perform the files copying from Mac to server, the mac sometimes shows error message "xxxx file is in use.",then the whole copy operation fails, no files been copied successfully.
I've perform some test, here are detailed test results: (A) Server: Samba-3.6.18 ========================While max protocol = (A.1) NT1,  operation sometimes fails. (A.2) SMB2_02, operation is success.

 (B) Server: Samba-4.0.5 =========================== While max protocol = (B.1) NT1, sometimes fails.(B.2) SMB2_02, operation is success. 

(C) Server: Samba-4.2.0rc4 =========================== While max protocol = (C.1) NT1, sometimes fails.(C.2) SMB2_02, operation is success. 
(D) Observing the packets from wireshark,  I found there has one error status.NO.        NT Status                                          Info                                  ===========================================================1.                       STATUS_SUCCESS                                                 NT Create AndX Request,  Path:  ...\._xxxx2.                      STATUS_SUCCESS                                                 NT Create AndX Response3.                        STATUS_SUCCESS                                                  Locking AndX Request 4.          STATUS_RANGE_NOT_LOCKED                  Locking AndX Response5.                      STATUS_SUCCESS                                                   Close Request6.                       STATUS_SUCCESS                                                   Close Response
The #4  packet shows the  STATUS_RANGE_NOT_LOCKED   error  status  while " unlocking"  request  for file  "._xxxx",  which  store s  the  extended  attributes.
And it is  wierd  that  missing  of  the  "locking"  request  before  " unlocking"  request.With respect to  successful  cases, the    successful  operations  always  has  paired  locking  and  unlocking  requests on  each   files.
(E)  Questions ============================================================(E.1) Is  this  an  undiscovered  bug?
(E.2) I've tried setting smb.conf with an extra option "ea support = no", it does works, but this cause missing extended attribute record such as color tag attribute.I have to keep the extended attributes. Is there any compromising way to keep the extended attribute on the file and prevent the copying operation fails?
Regards, Clay 


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