[PATCHES] ctdb reloadnodes improvements

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Fri Mar 20 22:18:35 MDT 2015

This is the first half of some enhancements to the "ctdb reloadnodes"
command.  It adds:

* Cross-node comparison of nodes files to ensure they are all the

  This avoids having different nodes running with different nodes lists
  and causing chaos.

* Various sanity checks, including that the new nodes file has nodes
  with the same IP addresses as the active nodes list and that deleted
  nodes are disconnected.

  This avoids errors like removing a line for a deleted node rather
  than commenting it out, and accidentally leaving deleted nodes

There are a couple of test fixes/improvements at the top of the
series.  The series also adds many unit tests for "ctdb reloadnodes".

There is more to come in the next series.  For example, explicitly
disabling recovery, node consistency checks before doing "ctdb
reloadnodes" and a bunch of cleanups.  However, this first patch series
can stand alone so can be reviewed separately.

I won't attach the patches because then the message size will exceed the
moderation limit on the list, so please see the top 20 commits (on top
of master) in:


  git://git.samba.org/martins/samba.git (ctdb-reloadnodes branch)

Review and push appreciated.  Thanks!

peace & happiness,

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