[PATCH] mark tombstone_reanimation patch flapping

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Thu Mar 19 20:42:30 MDT 2015

On Tue, 2015-03-17 at 23:07 +0100, Michael Adam wrote:
> Hi,
> it seems that the tombstone_reanimation test is the most
> prominent flapping test currently. I keeps us busy resubmitting
> autobuilds... Apparently the checks added in
> 72998acc451a8722f19b901a9948774de089921a fail randomly.
> Can we mark this test flapping until this has been fixed?

I've been working hard to try and reproduce this error, using the
Catalyst Cloud[1] with Ubuntu versions 14.04 and 12.04 and on

I've reverted this change, and then run autobuilds, and had many
different flapping tests, including a nice one in CTDB that amitay has
been helping out with, and the notify test failures I mentioned in
another mail, but never this one!

I've even tried extending the test suite to help us know what the
difference is, but I can't trigger the failure to have it show up (I've
tested it does produce helpful output by manually forcing the test to
fail however)!

Please review/push this patch, and help me understand how I can get this
test off the flapping list, so we can consider the tombstone reanimation
patches for 4.2.


[1] http://catalyst.net.nz/cloud

Andrew Bartlett
Authentication Developer, Samba Team  http://samba.org
Samba Developer, Catalyst IT          http://catalyst.net.nz/services/samba

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