[PATCH] ctdb-eventscripts: Make 11.natgw stateful

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Wed Mar 11 02:08:23 MDT 2015

This patch has been sitting in my WIP tree for a long time.  I'm not
going to let this one pass the 12 month mark given that I think it is
better than what we currently have...  :-)

IP addresses and routes are only changed if either the NAT gateway
configuration or the NAT gateway master node has changed.  If running
"ip monitor" this will minimise the amount of noise seen.  It should
also be more lightweight at the expense of managing a couple of state

Add a test to check that configuration changes behave correctly.
Tweak the static route result generation code so that the required
output is sorted.

Review and pushed appreciated...

peace & happiness,
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