Regarding Zero write recvfile() performance(splice system call)

sandeep nag sandeepnagamalli at
Fri Mar 6 10:29:43 MST 2015

recvfile() is resulting in bad performance, on simultaneous writes, when
one of the link among the incoming client writes is slower(say a copy from
WAN). I am using kernel 2.6.18.

1. Why is splice() performance becoming so bad, when there is a slow link.
Is this is a known issue in splice() call with 2.6.18 kernel? is there any
patch to fix this?
2. With 'min receivefile size' we can switch between general WRITE path and
recvfile().But in this case, I would like to switch based on, whether one
of the incoming client's write link is  slow, how can this be achieved.

I want to make it automated, i.e to use normal pwrite path/recvfile path
based on the configuration.


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