[PATCHES] fix posixacl test

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Thu Mar 5 13:28:08 MST 2015

Hi Metze,

On 2015-03-05 at 19:58 +0100, Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
> > this is the promised fix for the posixacl test.
> > We have duplicated the plugin_s4_dc env to
> > one that does not use nss_winbind, adapted the
> > test to be able to run against the two variants
> > and enabled the test for the new environment,
> > removing the knownfail entries.
> I think we should not expect different behaviour depending
> on nss_winbind being used. We need to find the reason
> for this difference and fix that.

Of course. But I personally currently don't have
to the time to spend many more days on this.

I happily summarize some of this lengthy mail thread
as justification:

The test is slightly strange anyways in that the
nt acl that is put through the translation machinery
does not contain explicit acls for the owner/domain admin
and hence the corresponding aces in the resulting posix
acl are only subject to the translation code and the
environment. So it is not entirely surprising that the
result changes in this respect when the environment
is changed. And the environment changes relevantly because
with nss_winbind active, the domain admin which is now
also available via nss and unfortunately carries the same
UID as the root user (which I consider problematic). The
original test was created by simply looking at the result
and hard-coding the result into the test.  This patch does
the same for the changed environment.

This is the compromise we agreed upon.

Of course we should understand the effects better,
and if anybody can provide insight / fixes now, I am
more than happy to withdraw these. But Andrew has
requested that we do somthing about the test that I
initially marked as knownfail and this is what I can
offer now. Alternatively, we can leave the test
unchanged and simply mark the test in the plugin_s4_dc
env as knownfail and have it succeed against
plugin_s4_dc_no_nss, but I prefer the present solution.

Cheers - Michael
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