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*Project Proposal For GSoC 2015*

*Name : *Burhanuddin Bhopal Wala


*Abstract : *

I work and build almost 30% completed my project my idea is that


in this i want to install linux server in an PC WITHOUT ANY DVD OR ANY
EXTRA BOOTABLE DRIVES , We are only using LAN network from 1 system to
another .

*Linux Features we are using : *

The Kickstart method of Fedora Linux installation can greatly reduce the
length of time it takes to install the operating system. Time is saved not
only because a network connection can be faster than using CDs, but also
because it can be left unattended to install a predetermined Linux
configuration. A Kickstart server connected to an isolated wireless network
dedicated to the purpose may be a good idea for data centers with hundreds
of Linux servers.

A recent standard called PXE allows you to run kickstart without a CD ROM
if you configure the NIC card to do a network boot from a specially
configured DHCP server. The topic is beyond the scope of this book, but it
may be interesting for readers with more complex projects to research this
option more.

 *Advantages : ( Why Beneficial )*

1 : User with no info how to install LINUX server are able to install it
without any settings to be done all partitioning and rest setting like
password set or KDUMP setting are done automatically.

2 : Less Time then DVD and any other bootable drives , through Network
installation it takes 1/2 the time of installation then through DVDs and

3 : Very Easy and not replace the existing OS bootloader from the targeted
our existing OS should remain or not , Through this Network Installation it
DUAL BOOT the System with Existing Server and OS .

4 : With 1 System main we can install any server with *many systems*
*without any *DVD’s or Bootable Drives .*

*Developing Startegy : *

·         First creating *yum server *and downloading the *desired rpm(
Redhat Packet Manager ) .*

·         We are Using all bootable files ,Kickstart files , anaconda cfg
files in making this project .

·         Use of TFTP protocol . ( trivial file tranfer protocol ) which is
fast and less time take for tranferring the booting files .

·         We can all do this by developing an *command line application .( *By
Confirming the mentors first*)*

*Timeline : *

As I have idea how to build but still I feel that someone help me when I
stumble in my way because no body help me when I developed the strategy now
I feel that with the help of mentor this project can take 1-1.5 month to
complete as I am working full time in my summer vacation for *GSoC 2015 .*

*Past Experience : *

I developed many projects for my Academics such  as OnlineExam
application/my website(below mention)/Charity application and many more but
now I find my passion for developing application for Linux server and here
I am ready with my project propoasal hope you like it .

*About Me  :*

As i am a 2nd year student at Jaypee University INDIA so i work on
LINUX(Red Hat) for 2 years and i much study about linux and its networking
on INTERNET and books besides it is not the part of my Academics it is the
part of my PASSION. And in future I also try to build new things on LINUX

*NOTE : *

Now i know quite how to build and completed 30% but i need ur Organisations
Mentors help to complete this project to 100% hope u select me in GSoC 2015

*If you don’t like the project proposal then mail me REASON .*

*Contact :*

*Burhanuddin Bhopal Wala*

*2nd year @Jaypee University *


*My website : *** <>

*Phone :  7065168858*

*Mail : burhan221194 at <burhan221194 at>*
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