[PATCHES] CTDB statd-callout fixes, improvements, tests, cleanups

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Mon Mar 2 01:29:58 MST 2015

A bunch of patches to CTDB's statd-callout script...

* A while ago I improved portability by changing a use of the gawk
  gensub() function to the POSIX compliant gsub() function.  However, I
  didn't make a required modification to the target string to I
  completely broke the script.  Fix that regression.

* Add unit tests to make sure the above doesn't happen again.

* A while ago we made statd-callout use persistent transactions to try
  to sync the lock state across nodes in real time.  This was too
  optimistic, since persistent transactions don't perform well enough
  to meet these needs.

  Revert to creating local files for add-client and del-client.
  However, use a single persistent transaction to update shared state
  in ctdb.tdb in each "monitor" event.  This should scale nicely.

These patches are also in my ctdb-statd-callout branch.

Review and push appreciated.  Thanks...

peace & happiness,
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