Running GPROF on Samba

Ralph Böhme rb at
Sun Mar 1 11:38:33 MST 2015

On Sun, Mar 01, 2015 at 04:21:51PM +0000, Richard Schmitt wrote:
> I've seen some old discussion on profiling but nothing recent.  Is
> there a procedure for running gprof on Samba?  I've added the
> appropriate flags to the Makefiles and do get a gmon.out file but I
> suspect my issue is that I am not cleanly shutting down Samba when I
> wish to collect the profile data.  Is there a way to cleanly shut
> down Samba?  Or are there some other suggestions on how to collect
> gprof data on smbd.
> What I really want to get is a call graph when running various
> benchmarks.

Can't help with gprof, but there's Flamegraph which can use output
from perf:



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