What is the guarantee around path names in calls to VFS functions

Richard Sharpe realrichardsharpe at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 23:04:27 MDT 2015

Hi folks,

I thought that the guarantee was that the paths passed to VFS
functions is that they would be relative to the root of the share.
This would be a nice guarantee. Or else, it would be nice if they were
all absolute paths.

However, it seems that sometimes they are relative to the root of the
share, and sometimes they are absolute and sometimes they are even
outside the share path.

Examples include calls to SMB_VFS_NEXT_XXX in, say, vfs_shadow_copy2.c
when a path in the snapshot file system is constructed, or paths in
the vfs_streams_depot.c module when you place them outside the share
directory so users cannot clobber them.

Richard Sharpe

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