SMB1 Locked file for roaming clients

Uri Simchoni urisimchoni at
Thu Jun 18 04:01:38 MDT 2015


I have an issue with samba 3.3.16-based smb servers and roaming
clients. When clients roam to a different IP address (e.g. moving the
laptop to a different floor), suddenly their excel/word files cannot
be saved because "someone else is editing them".

With SMB2 the problem is not reproduced - looks like durable file
handles fix this. With latest samba, the problem is reproduced if the
connection is limited to SMBv1.
The way I figure it:
- Office opens the document file for r/w with share read.
- Client disappears - does not properly close the file.
- Client opens a new session, again trying r/w
- smbd has no way of knowing that this is the same application
instance that's re-opening the file, especially if it comes from a
different IP address. It therefore considers this as a sharing

Would it be correct to say that this is an SMB1 limitation, and is
there any known workaround for this using smb1?


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