sernet samba internal dns

Dito dimitrip10 at
Sun Jun 7 10:06:58 MDT 2015

hello everyone,
I have configured sernet samba AD on centos operating system. I have 2008
domain and forest functional levels. I have installed another server on
centos as samba domain member server. It is joined in domain acl on shares
are working fine everythin is working. Problem is that I cannot access file
server ONLY from windows xp client machine with hostname, with IP address I
can access with the rights of the user I am logged on. I also see thet
machines cannot register there names in DNS server. Windows 7 does not have
any problem connecting to shares with hostname or IP address of file
server. Windows xp prompts for username and password but does not allow to
access share. If someone can help me in this situation it will be perfect.

Thanks ;)

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