Make samba-debug public again (4.3)

Brad Hards bradh at
Fri Jul 31 07:49:51 UTC 2015

Earlier this year, Volker split out the debug part of Samba's util lib, 
and made it private. That is OK, except that OpenChange hasn't been able
to complete the transition to using its own logging infrastructure. In
particular, for server side debugging, we really need to be able to put
the debug info from the NDR print routines into the same log file that
the rest of the OpenChange debug output uses.

I do plan to do that work (during some leave I'm taking in September),
but at this stage, OpenChange is stuck on Samba 4.1.x. I need at least
4.2 for ncacn_http; and I'd also like to have a way forward if there
is a security issue. 

As an intermediate step, I'd like to request that the debug routines
be made public (as part of samba-util) again for the 4.3 branch. 

At least at this stage, I don't intend that this will be needed for 
4.4. Of course, if my proposed changes for PIDL or libndr are not
acceptable or there is a technical issue, that could be an option. If
so, I'll try to not leave it so late in the release cycle planning.

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