CTDB Logging: File or syslog?

José A. Rivera jarrpa at samba.org
Wed Jan 28 11:26:29 MST 2015

Hey list,

I've heard that for production scenarios it is sensible to use syslog for
CTDB logging because CTDB doesn't handle log rotation very well (it doesn't
use SIGHUP for that?). However I was just pointed to the following bit of
doc in master:

                 Under heavy loads syslog(3) can block if the syslog
                 daemon processes messages too slowly.  This can
                 cause CTDB to block when logging.

                 If METHOD is specified then it specifies an
                 extension that causes logging to be done in a
                 non-blocking mode.  Note that <emphasis>this may
                 cause messages to be dropped</emphasis>.

Are there distinct use cases where one logging mechanism is prefferred over
the other? Is there a general recommendation for high-activity use cases?


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