A question about use of DEBUG in wb_reqtrans.c

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Fri Jan 23 04:07:09 MST 2015

Hi Metz, All

Recently I was looking at a problem where the root cause would have
easily been seen if the DEBUG messages in wb_reqtrans.c were functional.
I missed entirely that the DEBUG macro was disabled at the top of the
file and because of that for a while ended up on a wild goose chase ;-)
Afterwards my first thought was if those DEBUG messages are not
functional then it's better to remove them entirely (rather than cause
confusion). However, it would be nicer of course if they could be enabled.

The commit that seemed to remove that functionality was

I wonder though if the reason disabling the DEBUG macro in this file is
still relevant (perhaps it isn't)

looking at the current usage in master wb_reqtrans.c

wb_reqtrans.c is used in
    a) LIBWBCLIENT_OLD (source4/libcli/wbclient/wscript_build) library
    b) winbindd (source3/wscript_build)
    c) smbtorture (source3/wscript_build)



afaics all of the targets above either already link in objects that
already contain the DEBUG or reference DEBUG macros directly themselves
so I don't really see an issue enabling it. So is it ok to try reenable
the messages ?, get rid of them ? (patches for either option attached)
or is there another alternative

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