CTDB question: which repository is authoritative?

Martin Schwenke martin at meltin.net
Thu Jan 22 18:25:43 MST 2015

Hi David,

On Thu, 22 Jan 2015 23:56:26 +0000, David Hasson <dph at fb.com> wrote:

> What's the current status of the ctdb branches in SCM?  I've been
> tracking patches to CTDB on this list, however they are all applied
> to, and eventually pushed to the samba.git repository.  I'm
> interested in building standalone CTDB - and the ctdb.git repository
> seems to be the one setup for this.

> Are they both official?  The website refers to both in various
> cases.  My plan unless I get any news from you guys is to cherry pick
> commits out of samba.git onto the standalone ctdb.git.  It does seem
> that a fair amount of changes were made just to change to the newer
> build environment.

All new development is now done in samba.git.  When Samba 4.2 is
released it will include CTDB.  The supported way of running clustered
Samba will be to use Samba and CTDB from the same release.

CTDB can be built and installed from samba.git.  If you "cd ctdb" you
can then ./configure && make && make install.  If you run an RPM-based
Linux distribution then you can also do "make rpm" to build RPM
packages from there.  We're not sure whether this will continue in the
long-term but, as developers, it is very convenient to be able to do
this for testing.  :-)

New development in ctdb.git stopped when CTDB was merged into
samba.git.  ctdb.git still contains a couple of active
maintenance/stable branches (2.5, 1.0.114). These are currently
necessary because there has been no CTDB release from samba.git and
also because those versions are used in various places.

Many of the CTDB changes made in the samba.git master branch have been
backported to the ctdb.git 2.5 branch.  So, we are already doing
the cherry-picking you speak of.  There should be a new 2.5.5 release

However, when Samba 4.2 is released and its CTDB version is used in
more places, you will undoubtedly see less activity in the maintenance

If you're planning to run clustered Samba some time soon then my
recommendation would be to anticipate the upcoming Samba 4.2 release
and build from samba.git.  You could either build everything or you
could build CTDB and run it against a recent released version of Samba.

peace & happiness,

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