CTDB: shared path on NFS3: successful file lock only with soft mount

Thomas Hartmann thomas.hartmann at kit.edu
Thu Jan 22 10:38:02 MST 2015

Hi all,

I stumbled over a problem, I would like to understand better:

I am running CTDB with the shared fs on NFS3 mounted on all nodes. For
maintenance, I had to move to a different export and, thus, stoped my
services mounted the new export rsync'ed everything, remounted the new
export under the old mount path and restarted everything.

However, after restart (even with only one node alone) the cluster
startup failed. The daemon could create the lock file (checked
permissions, NFS UIDs/GIDs etc.) when manually removed - but was
complaining not to be able to get the recovery lock (although it just
created the file)

2015/01/22 17:38:28.039885 [recoverd:22602]: Taking out recovery lock
from recovery daemon
2015/01/22 17:38:28.039944 [recoverd:22602]: Take the recovery lock
2015/01/22 17:38:34.045139 [recoverd:22602]: ctdb_recovery_lock: Failed
to get recovery lock on '/ctdb/fts3/CTDB_FTS3/lock'
2015/01/22 17:38:34.045189 [recoverd:22602]: Unable to get recovery lock
- aborting recovery and ban ourself for 300 seconds
2015/01/22 17:38:34.045294 [22412]: Banning this node for 300 seconds

after some testing I mounted the pathes manually and was able to startup
CTDB with NFS 'soft'-mounted -- before I had the autofs made to
'hard'-mount the NFS export.

not working:


Since I just replaced the IP and path in the export and did not touched
the actual mount options, I have no idea why it worked before?

Anyway, I am mounting the export now 'soft' on all nodes and would like
to understand how it works?
My best guess so far is, that maybe the daemon puts an open file handle
on the lock file and this differs somehow between 'soft' and 'hard'

Cheers and thanks for ideas,

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