Is Samba 4.1.x ready for production use with AD?

Jeff Sadowski jeff.sadowski at
Fri Jan 16 09:24:03 MST 2015

We have a 2008 dc. Currently all other offices use tunnels to the main
office to authenticate against the 2008 dc. We would like to setup
samba RODC's for our other offices in case the main office looses
connection for a while. In the past we have tried 2x Zentyal Server
4.0 servers and when we join the second and promote it. It would sync
for a while (2 days or so) but then it would get out of sync. The
Zentyal dcs will have different users(for more than a day.) Finally we
decided to go to a windows 2008 as the dc. It could not replicate all
the users. We had to delete and recreate some users(as these accounts
where corrupted) so they would replicate. Because of these issues we
got off Zentyal and now only have a 2008 dc. Does anyone have an AD
environment with a Windows PDC and have samba RODCs as a stable

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