Samba Disk Quota Disk Info Question

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Mon Jan 12 14:56:27 MST 2015


My name is Garen and I work for a company called Apace Systems. We are having an issue with Centos 7 and Samba 
4.1.14 version. The correct information does not display during a mapped/connected drive on either a Mac or Windows 
machine when there is a disk quota. For example we have a quota set to 10 gigs for the workspace or user and when the 
workspace is mapped and we write click to get info, it does not display 10 gigs as a max capacity but the systems entire 
capacity. This issue was also on 4.1.1 but we presumed 4.1.2 because the bug was mentioned but there is still an issue. We 
know that Samba version 3.6.13 works correctly on Centos 6 but there is no installment for Centos 7. I was just wondering 
if you guys have seen this kind of issues with your customers and if there is a way to show the correct isk info. Thank you. 

We even tried CentOS forum but no help.

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Apace Systems
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