RFC patch to allow servicepack param to be passed to net ads join cmd

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Wed Jan 7 05:41:27 MST 2015


I wanted to pass the osVer and osName attributes when joining via 'net
ads join' so that the Windows AD Server shows that information in the
Operating System [*] tab of the newly joined computer account. However
by default the samba version is shown in the 'Service pack' field. The
service pack information is sent automatically, it's not currently
possibly to change what is sent. To offer more flexibility this patch
adds the ability to specify an additional parameter as part of the 'net
ads join' cmd to set
a value for the service pack field, (if the new param is not specified
previous behaviour is preserved and the samba version is used)

e.g. net ads -UAdministrator join osVer='13.2' osName='openSUSE' 



[*] in the Windows AD server the Operating System tab (from the
properties dialog) of a computer account shows 3 fields, 'Name',
'Version' & 'Service pack'
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