PATCHES: More CTDB IPv6-related improvements

Martin Schwenke martin at
Wed Jan 7 00:32:03 MST 2015

This is mostly an effort to cleanup up the use of iptables and
ip6tables in CTDB's eventscripts.

The first 3 patches clean up the 70.iscsi scripts:

  [1/5] ctdb-scripts: Make 70.iscsi IPv6-aware
  [2/5] ctdb-scripts: iSCSI eventscript should fail when PNN can't be determined
  [3/5] ctdb-scripts: Error message, comment and whitespace cleanups

Then a packaging fixup:

  [4/5] ctdb-packaging: Require iptables-ipv6

Finally, remove iptables() and ip6tables() functions, removing the
need to use absolute paths to run underlying commands:

  [5/5] ctdb-scripts: Call iptables/ip6tables directly from iptables_wrapper

Review and push appreciated, thanks.

peace & happiness,
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