[PATCH] DFS referral shuffling

Robin McCorkell rmccorkell at karoshi.org.uk
Mon Feb 23 12:20:26 MST 2015


Any chance of getting this patch reviewed? DFS referral shuffling allows
load balancing of a DFS share for dumb clients, which is one of the
primary uses of DFS, so I'd imagine it'd be useful for many people.

Robin McCorkell
The Linux Schools Project

On 15/02/2015 5:34 PM, Robin McCorkell wrote:
> Hi,
> I've implemented DFS referral shuffling to enable a primitive sort of
> load balancing for a DFS path. Yes, the MS docs say the client should
> decide which to pick, but from my testing smbclient and mount.cifs only
> ever choose the first one. The behaviour is controlled by a config
> paramater, `msdfs shuffle referrals`, which should be set in the DFS
> root share and defaults to off. The actual shuffling code is very
> similar to the DFS DC shuffling code in vfs_dfs_samba4, which does the
> same thing but for DCs rather than DFS referrals.
> Like the previous email, ignore the [PATCH] 1/2 in the patch header,
> this is the only patch.
> Regards,
> Robin McCorkell
> The Linux Schools Project

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