[PATCH] Crypto use in Samba (was: Re: SMB3 encryption performance)

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Tue Feb 17 17:24:35 MST 2015

> On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 1:48 PM, Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org> wrote:
> > GnuTLS is still looking like the best option on the research so far.  If
> > we can find a reliable way to build gnutls in a private prefix, then I
> > think that by the time a release with this support is made (later this
> > year), a good number of users will be able to take advantage of it one
> > way or the other.
> I don't think I quite understood what were saying. Are you suggesting
> to find a way to prefix all of GnuTLS' methods so they live in its own
> namespace? Or simply building a version of GnuTLS in a way that it's
> not actually included in the Samba source tree?

I just mean installing it in or under /usr/local/samba (like we do with
the install_with_python.sh script) and linking against it with -rpath. 

> > If I ever get time to finish updating Heimdal, then the next step for me
> > in that area is to build only with upstream, getting it out of our tree
> > and build system.  I would replacing that with a script to build it
> > using it's own build system, privately.
> >
> > Doing the same (automated private build) with GnuTLS would be a good
> > first step to demonstrating that this is a viable option.
> How would you propose that this automated private build occur? It
> seems like you have ideas.

A script or part of our waf build system would shell out to the
existing, unmodified build system of the GnuTLS project, and install it
in the right place, ready for us to use.  

We could, as we do with other libraries under third_party, build using
our waf, but I would like to try an alternate approach, as that tends to
be a lot of work long-term. 

> > I think the next step is to see what the interfaces look like when used
> > in practice.
> I assume this would be actually integrating GnuTLS into parts of Samba
> to see what problems or changes would need to take place, if any, to
> accommodate it?

All this about how to get access to GnuTLS is pretty academic if the
code either doesn't work, isn't accelerated or is too painful to use (as
was suggested of libgcrypt).

Andrew Bartlett

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