not reacheable and manpages not complete

Thomas Bork tombork at
Fri Feb 6 03:55:17 MST 2015

Hi @all,

cannot reach (

error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap

Searched for the man pages of 'socket options'. Found the string in

keepalive (G)

     The value of the parameter (an integer) represents the number of 
seconds between keepalive packets. If this parameter is zero, no 
keepalive packets will be sent. Keepalive packets, if sent, allow the 
server to tell whether a client is still present and responding.

     Keepalives should, in general, not be needed if the socket has the 
SO_KEEPALIVE attribute set on it by default. (see socket options). <====

But the link
goes to nirvana. Last point is

root postexec (S)


there are also the rest of smb.conf options after 'root postexec'.

der tom

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