[PATCH] Add NS records for secondary DCs to SOA records

Stefan Metzmacher metze at samba.org
Wed Dec 30 20:29:12 UTC 2015

Hi Rowland,

> OK, I tried using github, sorry but I find it easier doing it this way :-)
> This patch adds a couple of lines to dns_update_list, these lines will
> add the secondary DCs NS records to the zone's SOA records.
> There is a bit of a problem though, it will only affect bind9 users, it
> seems to have no affect on the internal dns server. Even if the NS
> records are added to the SOA, the internal dns server only sees the
> first DC as being authoritative for the zone, whilst bind9 will see both
> DCs as each being authoritative.

I think we need to have a look at what a Windows DNS server does.

Regarding the patch I agree we have a problem, we also have a bug report
for it.

But I think we need to fix it differently, we need to use rpc calls to
the NS records.

I haven't looked in details but it seems Andrew already has fixes for it.


One remaining problem is that we need a way to separate the
dns_update_list that we
as developers control and a file where the admin can add custom values.


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