Dovecot against samba4 with LDAP

bogdan_bartos admin at
Thu Dec 24 16:03:55 UTC 2015

I am trying like this:

hosts           = localhost:389
ldap_version    = 3
auth_bind       = yes
dn              = service.ldap at
dnpass          = blahblah
base            = cn=users,dc=ads,dc=mydomain,dc=org
scope           = subtree
deref           = never
user_filter     =
pass_filter     =
pass_attrs      = userPassword=password
default_pass_scheme = CRYPT
user_attrs      =

And...I get this:

[root at ads dovecot]# doveadm auth test -x service=imaps bogdan
passdb: bogdan auth failed
extra fields:

My user is located in the OU=MAIN right under the root structure. My virtual
mailbox is in /var/mail/virtual/ in the case above

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