Dovecot against samba4 with LDAP

bogdan_bartos admin at
Thu Dec 24 13:52:32 UTC 2015


I am trying to make dovecot auth against samba4 via LDAP and nothing seems
to be working.

This is the ldap file:

hosts = localhost
auth_bind = yes
auth_bind_userdn = cn=%u,dc=ads,dc=mydomain,dc=org
ldap_version = 3
base = dc=ads,dc=mydomain,dc=org

No matter why I try, it gives me this:

[root at ads dovecot]# doveadm auth test -x service=imaps bogdan
passdb: bogdan auth failed
extra fields:

Is there a documented way to connect with dovecot to samba4? Did anybody get
this working in the past?

I am able to connect to samba4 with postfix via the file bellow, but dovecot
will simply not do it:

server_host     = localhost
server_port     = 389
version         = 3
bind            = yes
bind_dn         = service.ldap at
bind_pw         = blahblah
search_base     = dc=ads,dc=mydomain,dc=org
scope           = sub
query_filter    = (&(userPrincipalName=%s)(objectClass=person))
result_attribute= userPrincipalName
debuglevel      = 0

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