[PATCHES] nss-wrapper 1.1.2 in samba -- and fixes for samba

Michael Adam obnox at samba.org
Wed Dec 23 17:24:37 UTC 2015

FYI I had a discussion with Metze.
He requested to do the change I did with the
addition to tsocket differently, adding a helper
function to (e.g.) the torture code instead.

I will follow up with an updated patchset.

Cheers - Michael

On 2015-12-19 at 13:16 +0100, Michael Adam wrote:
> Hi,
> Andreas and I recently brought quite an extensive set of
> patches (by Andreas, Robin Hack and me) to the nss_wrapper
> repository, culimnating in version 1.1.2.
> Among other things, 1.1.2 enhances and corrects various
> aspects of our implementation of getaddrinfo.
> Now the attempt to bring this version 1.1.2 to samba's copy
> of nss-wrapper has uncovered a few bugs in the torture
> tests, where dns host names were handed in to getaddrinfo
> calls with the AI_NUMERICHOST flag set.
> Attached find
> 1) The patchset that fixes the test cases.
>    This also includes an addition to tsocket:
>    tsocket_address_inet_from_strings_resolve()
>    is a variant of
>    tsocket_address_inet_from_strings()
>    that does not set the AI_NUMERICHOST flag and
>    hence allows for dns resolution of the handed
>    in addr/name string.
> 2) The patchset that adds the nss-wrap patches
>    leading to version 1.1.2.
> All patches do carry sufficient review, but since
> one patch touches tsocket, we would like to get
> additional review to that one at least (Metze?)
> Thanks - Michael

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