[PATCH] DRAFT: Add new test which covers force user bug

Robin Hack rhack at redhat.com
Fri Dec 4 16:00:23 UTC 2015

Hi samba.

First of all, please let me introduce myself.

My name is Robin Hack and I work for Red Hat as a QE for RHEL Samba package
for ~2.5 years.
It looks like I and my tests discovered some regressions in upstream Samba.
However I stayed in shadows until now ;).

I wrote lot of tests for Samba but they are not compatible with Samba
upstream testsuite mainly because:
tests written in Red Hat...
- uses bash + BeakerLib
- cover whole code path. From samba to kernel.
- ...

I feel I own samba upstream something... lot of people from here helped me
with samba testing and with my cwrap.org contributions.

Long story short:
I would like to rewrite some of my tests and raise upstream coverage of
Samba code.

Attached file is my first try to rewrite test to shape acceptable by Samba
upstream. Please. Be patient. It's not easy to add new tests to Samba
upstream testsuite :(.

How to test my test:
$ make -j test TESTS="samba3.blackbox.forceuser"
Should PASS
$ git revert cf0934caf282f4ade8c8a701b0e40b68a2f17ace
$ make -j test TESTS="samba3.blackbox.forceuser"
Should FAIL

Have nice day
Robin Hack
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