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On Mon, Nov 30, 2015 at 2:59 PM, Richard Sharpe
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> Hi folks,
> my copy of [MS-SMB].pdf contains these words WRT DFS referrals:
> -----------------------------------------------
> Application Requests DFS Referral Information
> ...
> The client MUST search for an existing Session and TreeConnect to any
> share on the server identified by ServerName for the user identified
> by UserCredentials. If no Session and TreeConnect are found, the
> client MUST establish a new Session and TreeConnect to IPC$ on the
> target server as described in section using the supplied
> ServerName and UserCredentials.
> ...
> -------------------------------------------------
> However, Windows clients seem not to do that and always seem to use
> IPC$ for DFS referrals even when they have connections open on the
> target server.
> Has anyone seen any cases where Windows clients use shares other than IPC$?

Following up from this, I have seen claims from Load Dynamics
(formerly, SwiftTest) that they have test cases where they send
GET_DFS_REFERRALS to Windows servers on normal shares and it works.

I have asked for a capture.

Samba does not like it, however, and sends back

Richard Sharpe

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