Samba winbind authentication for login and sudo

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Fri Aug 28 12:28:51 UTC 2015

Hi Samba Developers,

I've been asked by my employer to look at a PoC using Samba as an
authentication client among other things such as GPO enforcement.

Whilst I've managed to get this working, when we scale to the requirements
of (at least some) large organisations there seems to be a few features that
would be nice to add. Some I have already coded into my demo but there are a
few more in-depth things to do - in terms of scale think an AD domain with
200K users and 100K machines as a ballpark measure for the order of

In any case I would be keen to feedback such potential enhancements into the
Samba codebase should you feel it is of benefit, and would be interested in
receiving advice on the best approach to modifying Samba.

The key one I'm looking at now is being able to authenticate the user via
winbind using non-Unix enabled groups, both for login and for 'sudo'
commands yet still map the user's profile to an rfc2307 compliant (and
consistent) mapping of UIDs and GIDs for those groups that are so enabled.

The rational here is that the size of the environment, users may have many
groups, but only need some UNIX aware groups. Having unix-enabled
authentication groups would easily push some users into over 50 groups and
with certain OS's having a constraint of no-more-than 16 supplemental
groups, this represents a problem.

My initial thoughts are to get the idmap_ad part of winbind to capture all
group membership and then for both winbind and a sudo plugin wrapper to use
that as well for the authentication phase.





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