Import users ldif samba3 to samba4

Rowland Penny repenny241155 at
Sun Aug 23 18:56:17 UTC 2015

On 22/08/15 02:57, Vinícius Ferro Araújo wrote:
>              Goodnight everyone, I want your help, I am deploying a new domain with samb4. My PDC with Samba4 already worked, I already have users and GPOS created. I have another domain, different with Samba3 + Openldap, want to get the 300 registered users and their passwords and to my mind the Samba4, I have my ldif, only it can not care for my Samba4, someone has already done this procedure? How is the ldif to be imported, has some model? I'm waiting, thank you all!
> Att, Vinícius.

Hi, I am having a problem understanding what you are proposing to do. I 
think you have a samba4 PDC and now want to import 300 users from an 
LDAP ldif, is this correct ?

Now if you do have a PDC, this should be fairly easy, but I also think 
you really have an Active Directory DC, if this is the case, then you 
cannot directly import an LDAP ldif into a samba4 AD DC, it is very 
different from an AD ldif.

All I can suggest is writing some script to extract the users, groups 
and passwords(if the later is possible) from your ldif and then add them 
to the AD domain.


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