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Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Tue Aug 18 05:28:52 UTC 2015


For the past while it has concerned me that we need a better review
system and that we should have a mirror and be accepting contributions
via github. 

To be clear, github isn't really a review system, but it has a massive
user community that we want to try to better connect with.

The plan is to make every github pull request turn into a mail on the
mailing list, so that we keep our mailing-list based workflow.  We may
allow follow-up there, but will discourage it with a message.  We can
also do a build with travis-ci (but probably not a test due to

I've also been looking at Kallithea, and it could make a good review
system.  It does not handle merging of pull requests online, which
ironically makes it easier to fit into our rebase strategy.  

For it to be a what I think we need, I've been trying to integrate it
with Jenkins, but sadly there isn't an out of the box solution for that

When I next get time, I'm going to turn my attention to gitlab, because
there appears to be out-of-the-box Jenkins integration there.  (I think
it is critical that proposed patches are tested before they are
reviewed, to save time for everyone). 

Finally, I know I need to look into phabrecator. 

I'm well aware that github is a real challenge for software freedom,
but building and running our own services is also a major cost without
the network effects of the github ecosystem, so the Samba Team has
decided to have a presence there.  There are tools to allow backups of
data on github.

The URL for the official Samba Team repo is:


Andrew Bartlett
Andrew Bartlett
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